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About us

AIXTRON is a leading supplier of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. The Company's technology solutions are used by customers worldwide, enabling them to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials, for polymers, carbon nanotubes, graphene, and other nanomaterials.

For the deposition of organic thin films, AIXTRON offers three core technologies for mass production and R&D:

  • Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OVPD®) enables the deposition of organic small molecules for OLEDs and organic semiconductors. 
  • OptaCap™ PECVD Deposition of highly flexible barrier films.
  • Polymer Vapor Phase Deposition (PVPD™) provides a solution for carrier gas enhanced vapor phase deposition of functional polymer thin films.

Products and services

Production technology for Organic Displays, Lighting and Electronics.

Novel organic electronics devices by OVPD®, PVPD™, and OPTACAP™ PECVD.

AIXTRON offers exclusive technologies for controlled deposition of organic small molecules and polymer thin films.

Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OVPD®) is an innovative technology for the thin-coat deposition of organic "small molecules" based on the gas phase transport principle.

Polymer Vapor Phase Deposition (PVPD™) allows for the controlled deposition and in-situ formation of polymer-based thin-film structures.

OPTACAP PECVD provides solutions the deposition of highly flexible barrier films based on PECVD suitable for flexible thinfilm encapsulation. The low temperature process combines high deposition rates with low substrate stress.

OEC-200 Organic Electronic R&D Cluster for OVPD, OPTACAP and PVPD process modules

OEC-200 Organic Electronic R&D Cluster for OVPD, OPTACAP and PVPD process modules

Cluster setup for the integration of OVPD, OPTACAP and PVPD process modules, designed for 200x200mm substrate size.
Modular cluster setup to integrate OVPD-200, OPTACAP-200, and PVPD-200 process modules for the deposition of organic thinfilms used for the fabrication of OLED devices (displays, lighting), for polymer thinfilms, and barrier films..
The OEC-200 platform addresses 200x200mm substrates and is the entry level R&D solution for the respective process technologies..

OVPD Gen8 Demonstration Line OLAD

OVPD Gen8 Demonstration Line OLAD

OVPD process demonstration module installed at AIXTRON SE, Germany.

Process module capable to demonstrate the scalability of the Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OVPD) technology on Gen8 substrate size (Gen8 = 2250 x 2500mm)



Available for Gen1 (=200x200mm) and Gen2 (=370x470mm) substrate sizes.

OPTACAP process module for the deposition of efficient inorganic barrier films for thinfilm applications.

Available as standalone installation (as shown) or for cluster integration (e.g. on OEC-200 cluster setups).


Dornkaulstr. 2
52134 Herzogenrath

Phone: +49 2407 9030-0
Fax: +49 2407 9030-40

Juergen Kreis
Director Business Development
Phone: +49 2407 9030-6986

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