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RAMPF – materials, machinery, and processing for optical bonding

RAMPF Group, Inc. offers customers a comprehensive solution for using optical bonding technology in displays:

> Fully automated joining method: air bubble-free application of bonding materials with subsequent joining of components, cutting scrap rate to levels approaching zero. Material is applied in a vacuum and com-ponents are joined in an airless environment in a vacuum. Thin-film degassing technology of single com-ponents facilitates processing of highly degassed bonding material. Degassing of undercuts and gap be-tween frame and display is also performed while material is being applied, minimizing risk of air bubbles.

> RAMPF’s Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives boast outstanding optical features and are specially devel-oped for industrial-scale processing on mixing & dispensing systems. The silicone systems cure at room temperature and are available in various hardness levels and viscosities. RAMPF also offers adhesives for attaching displays, frames, supports etc.

Exhibitor: RAMPF Group, Inc.

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